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Publication date:2013-03-07, Last updated:2013-04-26

USESPON aims to encourage and support the use of findings from the ESPON 2013 Programme. The project will engage stakeholders across Europe with the work of ESPON and provide them with guidance on using ESPON results in policy-making and practice.

Policy-makers and practitioners frequently don't have time to extract the most relevant information from complex and often lengthy research reports for their needs. In the context of ESPON, the ESPON Contact Points are well-placed to help with this, by identifying stakeholders' needs and communicating the relevant results to them. USESPON will allow ESPON Contact Points to create support materials and virtual learning environment (VLE) resources, as well as hold interactive events - all designed to make ESPON findings more accessible and easier to implement in practice.

The USESPON project is made up of ESPON Contact Points from France, Germany, Greece, Luxembourg, Poland and the UK, and will draw on learning generated by other transnational networking projects.