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Belval - An urban vision - 2005 (in German, French and English)

Publication date:2013-05-10, Last updated:2013-05-10

The mixed-use regeneration of the brownfield Belval-Ouest is conceived as a “flagship project” for Luxembourg supporting the Lisbon and Gothenborg strategy in its spatial aspects. The regeneration of the brownfields is a chance for the Luxembourgish South Region and represents a major challenge for spatial policy in the coming years. It allows to fundamentally reorientate the land use in the direction of sustainable development, taking into account the economic, social and ecological dimensions. The document presents the development plans for the 4 different units of the project area including the creation of national level facilities, the settlement of the University of Luxembourg, the introduction of tertiary, commercial and leisure activities the construction of different accommodation options and styles as well as the creation of a large park area.
The document is written in German, French and English.