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Handbook for Multilevel Urban Governance in Europe. Analysing Participatory Instruments for an Integrated Urban Development

Publication date:2012-01-17, Last updated:2013-03-12

Together with this manual you will find a publication about inspiring practices in Multilevel Governance, edited by the European Urban Knowledge Network EUKN. This publication was produced in response to a general request for practical examples that could inspire organisations working on multilevel urban development policy. In order to develop and promote this 'multilevel' practice, Belgian federal urban policy gave a prominent place to this topic as part of the Belgian Presidency of the EU. Belgium thus followed up the recommendations of the Leipzig Charter (2007), where, for the first time, ministers responsible for urban development in the 27 Member States highlighted the importance of a multilevel approach for urban policy, and the Toledo Declaration (2010), which recommends the development of instruments and methods useful for this multi-scale approach.