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The Strategic Concept of Territorial Development ROMANIA 2030. Romania - a competitive, balanced and prosperous country

Publication date:2011-03-17, Last updated:2013-03-12

The Strategic Concept of Territorial Development ROMANIA 2030 (SCTDR) is a strategic document conceived by the Ministry for Regional Development and Tourism in 2008, as part of the reforming process of the Romanian planning system initiated in 2005.The document is an integrated multiscale approach of the national development policy, correlated with the main European strategic planning documents and latest researches (ESPON).Focused on a territorial dimension, the strategy establishes the main orientations for a long and medium term development, with solutions adapted to different types of territories. Nine strategic objectives are established based on the principles of integrated strategic planning and sustainable, balanced territorial development. Policentricity, urban-rural solidarity and territorial competitiveness are the main aspects of a balanced development. SCTDR represents the framework for a territory oriented planning system and for integrated, sustainable local partnerships.