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VASAB Long-Term Perspective for the Territorial Development of the Baltic Sea Region

Publication date:2013-07-09, Last updated:2013-07-09

VASAB Long Term Perspective is a transnational strategic spatial planning document on territorial integration, which leads to territorial cohesion in the Baltic Sea Region. The document highlights the present territorial development trends and challenges, and presents a long-term perspective for the Region, with focus on urban networking and urban rural relations, accessibility and management of the Baltic Sea. It also proposes a list of actions to stimulate territorial development potentials and to overcome the existing gaps — for both the coming years and in a longer run. To fulfil this aim there is a need to continue transnational cooperation in spatial planning in the Baltic Sea Region.The documentation for the Long Term Perspective has been prepared in a period of economic growth. yet the global financial and subsequently economic crisis strengthens the requirement for common transnational actions in the Baltic Sea Region, which can stimulate further convergence processes, improve coherence and competitiveness, and be conducive to the further development of the Region