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ESPON ATLAS - Territorial Dimensions of the Europe 2020 Strategy

Publication date:2013-07-16, Last updated:2013-07-16
ESPON has published an atlas focusing on the territorial dimension of the Europe 2020 Strategy and presenting the regional and, where possible, urban dimension of Smart, Sustainable and Inclusive Growth.

The ESPON 2020 ATLAS delivers territorial evidence and maps that illustrate the diversity of trends, potentials and challenges facing regions and cities in their efforts contributing to the Europe 2020 Strategy. It allows policy makers comparing and benchmarking their territories towards the targets related to the Strategy. The Atlas clearly demonstrates that pan-European territorial evidence in support of the Europe 2020 is pertinent.

With the Atlas users can identify: (1) which types of regions have what opportunities with regard to exploiting their territorial potentials in support of smart, sustainable and inclusive territories in Europe, and (2) which types of regions can be perceived as key drivers for development and growth at various scales.

The ESPON ATLAS is available at the ESPON Website.