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ESPON Evidence Brief 1 “European Territorial Cooperation”

Publication date:2013-05-15, Last updated:2013-06-03
ESPON released the first Evidence Brief responding to the demand of policy makers and practitioners to produce short and informative publications that they can use for the elaboration of development strategies.

The first issue’s highlight is the role of “European Territorial Cooperation” for the development of Europe. Among others, the findings of  the project TERCO (European Territorial Cooperation as a Factor of Growth, Jobs and Quality of Life) have been used to show that  territorial cooperation projects promote growth, job-creation and life quality through innovative ideas and strategies. In particular, they facilitate flows of people, goods and capital, which otherwise would not cross the borders.

ESPON will, in the near future, publish several evidence briefs which will focus on topics at the top of the EU agenda. The ESPON Evidence Brief 1 “European Territorial Cooperation” is available at the ESPON Website.