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ESPON Tools with videos

Publication date:2013-07-01, Last updated:2013-07-01
To promote and explain its tools in an engaging, simple but unique way, ESPON produced whiteboard animation videos.

To address today’s policy development, territorial diversity and cohesion challenges, the ESPON programme provides a number of tools with valuable information and data for countries, regions, cities, and citizens.

At the moment five tools are made accessible via the ESPON website. For four tools there are simple videos explaining the tool and its applications.

ESPON 2013 DataBase (DB)

The DB provides access to regional, local, urban, neighbourhood (candidate countries), world, grid and historical data. The data is mainly provided by ESPON projects and EUROSTAT.

Online MapFinder (OMF)

The OMF provides access to the most relevant ESPON maps resulting from ESPON projects and reports. The maps are accompanied by an explanation and observations for policy makers.

ESPON HyperAtlas (HA)

The HA is an analytical tool based on the multi-scalar territorial analysis concept. With the HA a local decision maker can compare and analyse its region’s relative position at European, national and local scale for a whole set of criteria.

Mapping Guide (MG)

The MG provides guidance on mapping statistical data correctly and delivering the right message. The MG looks into the mapping method, aggregation level, level of statistical areas, type of data and the graphic variables to be used.

ESPON Typologies (TYP)

The TYP provides 9 regional typologies for additional analysis of project results to be considered in the European context. Guidance is given on how the project can filter their results in relation to the specific types of territories.

Other ESPON videos are available here.