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Second ESPON Synthesis Report - Territorial insight: Where to focus what types of investments

Publication date:2013-07-16, Last updated:2013-07-16
The ESPON Synthesis Report connects territorial evidence from ESPON to the eleven key themes for investment of the ESIF. In doing so, it reveals important territorial differences and framework conditions that need to be considered for an efficient and effective use of the investment through ESIF and for achieving the objectives of Europe 2020.

Different types of cities and regions need different types and mixes of investments. The applied research carried out by ESPON projects can assist policy makers to better target their policy development and enhance the performance of their regional economies.
The new ESPON territorial evidence will also help to strengthen a place-based approach for the development of future ESIF programmes, as well as the selection and delivery of projects to be funded.

The Second ESPON 2013 Synthesis Report is available here.

Information about the First ESPON 2013 Synthesis Report (New Evidence on Smart, Sustainable and Inclusive Territories), published in 2010, you can find here.